Who we are

Hi! We are Stefanie & Kosta with Teddy the sea dog. We love sailing and traveling. TheTasteOfSalt is our personal journal for family, friends and everyone else who wants to follow us. We hope we can give you a little break from your daily life with our stories or even inspire you to do something wild and crazy yourself. Whether it is sailing, traveling or experiencing new things… DO IT. It's worth taking one or the other risk in life. We don't blog anymore, but you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Links on the bottom of this site.

We met each other a long time ago during an apprenticeship in a hotel. We lost sight of each other over the years and only met again through a social network in 2007. By the end of 2008 we were a couple, moved together in 2009, went sailing for the first time together in 2010 and bought our IKOKO in 2011 – together. All too good to believe?

In March 2012 we lost Richard, Stefanie's 12 year old son, due to an accident. We feel desolate and heart-broken, but will continue our project with more passion than ever as we feel like we owe it to Richard.

Thank you Richard for making us believe in ourselves and to follow our dream!!!

Richard: from 1999 – March 22nd, 2012.

Stefanie grew up in Northern Germany and soon found out that creativity is something she is very good at. Today this is photography. Besides raising up her son Richard, she lived in Japan for quite some time and dreams about going back there with her own boat. Stefanie is not very experienced when it comes to boating and cruising. After some sailing adventures she is hooked though. 

Kosta grew up in a little village in Bavaria, Germany. Traveling, the oceans and lakes of this world, boats and everything that has to do with it has been part of his life as long as he can think of. He lived in Germany, Italy, South Africa and the US and was always aiming for a life outside the boundaries that our society puts around us. For him sailing and traveling is like coming home. 

While we were in Portugal in 2014, we adopted Teddy, our sea dog. We found Teddy in a rescue station, where he suddenly appeared at the age of 6 months (more or less). Maybe someone threw him over the fence. We don't know. Some bad things happened to him in the first 6 month of his life. He was scared of almost every human being… men in particular. The first couple of weeks he didn't even wanted to leave the fenced Marina. He felt good on the boat and with those people who gained his trust. In the meantime he loves everything water and boat. Dinghy-rides and swimming are his favorite past-time. He also loves to cuddle in the cockpit and we think he is the greatest and most thankful dog on the planet. Well, everyone would say this about their dog, right? :-).