This is what it's all about

Hi, we are Stefanie, Kosta and seadog Teddy. We sail & travel around in the world and try to make a living while doing it. Since 2013 we live on our sailboat Ikoko. The Taste Of Salt is our personal journal about dreams, adventures, emotions, people, travels and sailing.

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Who we are!


We met a long time ago during an apprenticeship in a hotel and lost sight of each other for around 20 years. Stefanie found Kosta through a social network in 2007. At the end of 2008 we were a couple. 2010 Stefanie went sailing for the first time with Kosta in Spain and in 2011 we bought Ikoko in the Netherlands. All too good to be true, right?

Things we are good at

  1. Working 70%
  2. Red Wine Drinking10%
  3. Sleeping 10%
  4. Sailing 2016 :-( 10%

In 2012, Stefanie's son Richard died due to a stupid accident at the age of 12. One year later we left Germany, moved on Ikoko and sailed down South and explored Portugal on water and on land.

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What are we up to right now? What are our plans?


August 2016: We are in Italy right now. Originally we wanted to spend the summer here (what we call home) while Ikoko is getting a "hull job" in Portugal. In October we wanted to continue to sail South to experience Morocco, the Canary Islands and further West across the Atlantic in January 2017. Unfortunately Kosta's mother got sick and we decided to stay here until she recovered completely. The new plan is to go back to Ikoko in April 2017 and finish some tiny projects before we start sailing again - maybe in June 2017.

The route (see image to your left) remains the same. Since we have more time during the summer we are currently thinking about to spend some time in the Med. But one goal remains the same: We want to cross the Atlantic and sail up the East Coast of the USA.

  • It is so cool to have some extra cash to go shopping :-)- Stefanie
  • WoofWoofWOOOOOF. I don't like these strangers...- Teddy
  • It looks like we really managed to switch from a 9-5 lifestyle to a location independent lifestyle with a rather flexible work schedule. Amazing feeling. - Kosta
  • Pfffffffftttt. Teddy farts while walking up the companian way- Teddy
  • Sailing is the closest I can get to nature - it's the adrenaline, fear, a constant challenge and learning experience, an adventure into the unknown. And of course there is nothing better than wearing the same T-shirt for days and not brushing my hair for weeks. - Daria Werbowy