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Hi, we are Stefanie, Kosta and seadog Teddy. We sail & travel around in the world and try to make a living while doing it. Since 2013 we live on our sailboat Ikoko. In 2016 we added a camper van to our 'fleet' to be more flexible when traveling on land. The Taste Of Salt is our personal journal for family, friends and everyone else who is interested.

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Ikoko Travels as of 2013

This map is work in progress and we still have to finish all of our trips from 2013- 2017. The idea is to have an interactive overview of where we have been, with links to our blogs, images and a quick overview of every place. When you click on either place (the red dots with numbers in it) you will get more information.

What's the plan for 2017?


February 2017: We are in Italy right now. The place we call home or our little base camp when we are not traveling. Ikoko is still in Portugal on the dry dock and receives a well deserved make-over. We swamped ourselves with projects during the winter. Not really exciting, but necessary.

Our plans for 2017: We will hit the road in March/April to head back South towards Portugal. From April through June we will be working on Ikoko. We are planning to sail to the Med this year, explore Morocco a bit and the Spanish Coast. After high season we will be sailing through the Balearics to cross over to Sardegna.

We are still planning to cross the Atlantic in the future. But for the next 2 years we will be playing in the Med. After one year without sailing we thought it would be a good idea to take it slow and just enjoy what the Med has to offer. And it might be better for Teddy to get used to sailing again. ;-)