This is what it's all about

Hi, we are Stefanie, Kosta and seadog Teddy. We sail & travel around in the world and try to make a living while doing it. Since 2013 we live on our sailboat Ikoko. In 2016 we added a camper van to our 'fleet' to be more flexible when traveling on land. We'll be playing in the Med in 2017. Currently we are in Portugal.

Where are we?


July 2017: We are in Portugal right now trying to finish our monster renovation job with Ikoko. We want her to be splashed in August again. She looks great... all major projects are done and now it is about putting everything together again. We already live on her.. a bit dusty, but ok.

Outlook: We will - hopefully - sail again as of August. The month of August will be a major slow-down time for us. Getting used to boating life again and enjoying one or the other anchorage along the Portuguese and Spanish Atlantic coast. Work will be less again... (yieppiehhh)... so we will need to learn to day-dream again. Originally we wanted to go to Sardegna in Italy this year. But finishing Ikoko got delayed and so we don't know where we will end up this year. We will just go and see :-).

Beautiful and interesting locations like Culatra Island, Ayamonte, Cadiz, Gibraltar or Ceuta and Morocco are on our way East. One thing is for sure... it won't be boring.